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No, Tribes, Halo, CoD: Just watched this today! I saw this movie when I was 9 years old. It's actually pretty good. In the book, they're shot out of a ship that did a braking maneuver in orbit, they reenter the atmosphere, their pods falling apart into decoys and radar reflectors, while SAM sites and surface guns try to kill them, all while in a thousand pound suit free falling towards the ground without a parachute, then executing a suicide burn with their jump jets just before they smack into dirt. The plan really backfired when Verhoeven managed to maintain a raging erection for the entire shoot and demanded more retakes than any other day of filming on the film. It needs a game that has the technology and tactics of the book.
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Dina Meyer topless in Starship Troopers scene

Films directed by Paul Verhoeven. The Roughnecks respond to a distress call from Planet "P", where they reconnoitre an outpost that has been devastated by Bugs. Because the movie originated from an unrelated script, with names and superficial details from the novel being added retroactively, there are many significant differences between the original book and the film. If you find an online clip, let us know and we'll share it here.
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Starship troopers naked shower scene
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